The plan that will ensure every person in the U.S. has safe, accessible, sustainable, and permanently affordable housing.

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#HomesGuarantee just launched. It’s a people-centered, grassroots-sourced vision: in the richest country in the world’s history, everyone should have a safe, accessible, sustainable, truly/permanently affordable home.

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The private housing market is failing.

It’s designed to make the rich, richer, and more and more of us can’t afford rent. When systems are designed to boost private profits, they always fail to meet the needs of the people.

We need a public option for housing: a national #HomesGuarantee.

The #HomesGuarantee: 12mil social housing units, massive reinvestment in public housing, a tenant bill of rights, reparations.

It’s is a climate and racial justice intervention. It’s what we need to meet the scale, breadth, depth of the housing crisis.

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