2020 winning Homes Guarantee Candidates

Ilhan Omar, U.S. House MN-05
Marie Newman, U.S. House IL-03
Jamaal Bowman, U.S. House NY-16
Cori Bush, U.S. House MO-01
Holly Mitchell, LA County Supervisor, District 2
Nithya Raman, LA City Council
Konstantine Anthony, Burbank City Council
Carroll Fife, Oakland City Council
Marie Pinkney, Delaware State Senate, District 13
Larry Lambert, Delaware State House, District 7
Madinah Wilson-Anton, Delaware State House, District 26
Robert Peters, Illinois State Senate, District 13
Grayson Lookner, Maine State House, District 37
Mike Connolly, Massachusetts State House, 26th Middlesex District
Erica Uyterhoeven, Massachusetts State House, 27th Middlesex District
Cedrick Frazier, Minnesota State House, District 45A
Kris Schultz, New Hampshire State House, Merrimack 18
Nicole Klein Knight, New Hampshire State House, Hillsborough 11
Julia Salazar, New York State Senate, District 18
Jabari Brisport, New York State Senate, District 25
Robert Jackson, New York State Senate, District 31
Khaleel Anderson, New York State Assembly, District 31
Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, New York State Assembly, District 34
Zohran Mamdani, New York State Assembly, District 36
Ron Kim, New York State Assembly, District 40
Emily Gallagher, New York State Assembly, District 50
Marcela Mitaynes, New York State Assembly, District 51
Phara Souffrant-Forrest, New York State Assembly, District 57
Yuh-Line Niou, New York State Assembly, District 65
Harvey Epstein, New York State Assembly, District 74
Nikil Saval, Pennsylvania State Senate, District 1
Brian Sims, Pennsylvania State House, District 182
Rick Krajewski, Pennsylvania State House, District 188


1. Taking the Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge endorsement by People’s Action

2. Due to differences between federal and state campaign finance laws, People’s Action has been legally advised to share photos, social media, and website links for federal candidates only. People’s Action believes local, state, and federal elections are equally important in our democracy, and we regret that we cannot reflect this in our display of candidate information.

3. People’s Action reserves the right to remove a candidate from this if they fail to meet the terms to which they agreed upon taking the pledge, or if their conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the values at the core of the pledge. The pledge terms can be found in entirety here.


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The Biden Administration, following the leadership of people who have been impacted by decades of failed or lacking housing policy, must take swift action to enshrine federal protections for tenants.