Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge

“I pledge to advance policies that move housing from commodity to human right.

I pledge my commitment to eradicating homelessness once and for all.

I pledge to design housing policies as racial and climate justice interventions.

I pledge to increase investment in public and social housing.

I pledge to support universal rent control policies.

I pledge to reject any developer and real estate contributions that my campaign may be offered, and to return any developer and real estate money that I have already taken.

I pledge to campaign on the Homes Guarantee (ex: talk about it at forums and town halls, include in canvassing scripts, arrange meetings with local tenant and community organizations to grow my own understanding, proudly display my support for the Homes Guarantee on my website and other campaign materials, etc.)

I pledge to run a campaign that is accountable to a local base of tenants, and to meet with members of the Homes Guarantee team within 60 days of victory.”


1. Taking the Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge endorsement by People’s Action

2. Due to differences between federal and state campaign finance laws, People’s Action has been legally advised to share photos, social media, and website links for federal candidates only. People’s Action believes local, state, and federal elections are equally important in our democracy, and we regret that we cannot reflect this in our display of candidate information.

3. People’s Action reserves the right to remove a candidate from this if they fail to meet the terms to which they agreed upon taking the pledge, or if their conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the values at the core of the pledge. The pledge terms can be found in entirety here.


Do you know of a candidate running for office who should take the Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge? Nominate them!

Hey [insert candidate Twitter handle]! I live in the district you are running to represent and I want YOU to take the #HomesGuarantee Candidate Pledge. Get started here:

.[insert candidate Twitter handle] talks the talk about housing justice… but do they walk the walk? Hope they join the dozens of other candidates in taking the  #HomesGuarantee Candidate Pledge. Check it out:

A list of candidates who should definitely take the #HomesGuarantee Candidate Pledge:

[insert candidate Twitter handle]
[insert candidate Twitter handle]
[insert candidate Twitter handle]

Sign on NOW:

Copy and paste this into an email, customize it, and send to their campaign.

Dear [insert candidate name],

I am reaching out today to ask you to take the Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge.

Have you heard about the Homes Guarantee? In the richest country in the world, we must guarantee housing as a human right. The Homes Guarantee is the only plan out there to guarantee safe, accessible, sustainable, and permanently affordable homes for all. Plus, it’s 100% grassroots.

Candidates from across the country are taking the Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge and committing to:

        • Advance Homes Guarantee policies once elected
        • Door knock or phone bank about the Homes Guarantee during this election
        • Reject or return dark money from big landlords and corporate real estate
        • Meet with local Homes Guarantee activists within 60 days of victory

I really want to support your campaign, and taking this pledge will demonstrate you are about action, not just words, when it comes to housing justice.

Housing justice is an important election issue to me because [insert personal story here].

Can I count on you to be the champion we need?

Get started here:

In solidarity,
[Your name]

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