Tenants Bill Of Rights

It's Time for Tenants' Rights

COVID-19 forced millions of tenants to reckon with the violence of our housing system in new and profound ways. Pushed from our homes into the streets, we have been burdened with crippling amounts of rental debt.

Winning a National Tenants’ Bill of Rights, written by us, is the critical step towards winning a Homes Guarantee: the right for everyone to live safely with a roof over their head.

Every step of this campaign is built and led by tenants. From strategy to storytelling, we decide what goes. For too long, people in power have prescribed solutions without ever listening to us, and we’re tired of it.

We’re having over one million listening conversations with tenants in every corner of the country. You will tell us what rights are most critical for safe, sustainable and permanently affordable housing. 

What's your boldest vision for a National Tenants' Bill of Rights?

Ready to take action with us?

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